The founder of ThetaHealing is Vianna Stibal, a North American naturopath and intuitive doctor who brought back to light a very ancient technique which is now available for all people who want to embark on a journey of self-healing.

After experiencing disease (she had developed a cancer of the femur), Vianna witnessed self-healing: “In 1995 I received an instant healing from cancer through the Creator of All That Is”.

This experience changed her life. Since then, Vianna has helped thousands of people heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She studied extensively to understand what happened to her as well as to the people she treated, and when she finally designed a technique that can be learnt and practiced by everybody, the world received ThetaHealing.


ThetaHealing is a technique that teaches us how to use our natural intuition through a deep meditative state in which Theta brain waves can be detected.
This state is the medium through which we can connect to the Primordial Creative Force and witness deep energetic healing. Theta brain waves (4-7 cycles per second) signal a very deep state of relaxation and/or sleep. They are responsible for letting people feel emotions, have memories, reduce stress and pain, release endorphins and synchronize their two brain hemispheres.
Recent findings of the «American Journal of Psychiatry» suggest that an increase of Theta brain activity helps recover from severe symptoms of depression without using drugs.


The current structure of this technique fosters people’s capability to change at all levels: mind, body, soul and emotions, thanks to the connection with the source of universal energy that encompasses and entangles everything and everybody. Vianna calls this force “Creator of All that Is”, but each of us can call it different names according to everybody’s individual belief system.
THETAHEALING™ holds that the pain we experience is caused by a set of beliefs encoded in each human being (considered as a biological computer) at four levels: subconscious, genetic, history, and soul.
As more and more scientific evidence proves, when people experience negative emotions they become “self-intoxicated”, and this state contributes to disease. Therefore, current interest focuses on how to influence the mind and change its attitude to life in order to create perfect health.
Thanks to the Theta state, you can concentrate your healing energies and witness extraordinary “miraculous” life events.
This technique will change your life forever, through love and with love.


ThetaHealing is a technique that makes you become writer and director of your own life and gives you the chance to

  • Create what you want for yourself by making you aware of who you are
  • Shape your own reality as you want it
  • Generate abundance in the form you desire: love, success, health, money, business.

This technique is based on a meditative process that can be understood with elements of quantum physics.

Experiments on how the mind influences reality

THETAHEALING™ is the opportunity for you to take hold of your life and make it however you want it to be.
You can do this by identifying the beliefs that stop you from self-realization and positive change.

ThetaHealing and negative emotions

With THETAHEALING™ you can change negative emotions and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings, relieve stress, reduce anxiety, facilitate mind and body relaxation.

ThetaHealing and DNA

By working with ThetaHealing you can influence your DNA. Recent studies show how thoughts can change your DNA: Bruce Lipton, PhD. – The New Biology.