Ileana Rotella has followed Vianna’s teachings since 2004 and has achieved the Master and Certificate of Science.
Ileana works in Milan, Turin and Reggio Emilia and teaches several different classes.


  • Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor.
  • ThetaHealer, Practitioner of Homeopathy, Bach Flowers and Naturopathy.
  • Professor at Revel Higher School of Naturopathy.
  • Instructor of Lao Long Dao (Vietnamese Kung Fu).


  • Doctor of Homeopatihic Medicine, Great Britain,1988
  • Bach Flower Therapy, Great Britain, 1995
  • Iridology, Mirdad Institute, Italy, 1995
  • Classical Homeopathy, Mirdad Institute, Italy, 1996
  • Endocellular Nutrition and Nutri Puncture, Italy, 2004
  • Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master, 1998
  • Naturopathy, Mirdad Institute, Italy, 2000


  • Seminar of Nutritional Energy Medicine, Italy;
  • Seminar of Endocellular Nutritional Medicine, Italy, 1995-1996;
  • Homeopathic Treatment of Children, Prof. George Vithoulkas, Greece;
  • Centrum Voor Homeopathie, Prof. A. Geukens, Belgium, 1995-2000;
  • Seminar by Dr. Morrison, Italy;
  • Seminar of Homeopathic Paediatrics, Dr. Grandgeorge Didier, France;
  • International Course of Classical Homeopathy, Prof. George Vithoulkas, 1996-2002;
  • Seminar by Dr. Shankaran, Italia;
  • Classical Homeopathy by Dr. Herscu;
  • Psychiatric Homeopathy with Dr. Vangelis;
  • Seminars of Homeopathic Treatment with Dr. Roberto Petrucci;
  • Seminar by Dr. Carl Simonton: “Approaching Oncological Patients”;
  • Bach Flower Therapy with Barbara Mazzarella;
  • Seminar by Dr. Di Spazio: Spinal Chronoreflexology;
  • Seminar of Introduction to Biopsychogenealogy by Dr. Athias;
  • Studies of Psychodynamics;
  • Studies of Psycho Cybernetics of Essenes;


  • Basic DNA
  • Basic DNA Instructor
  • Advanced DNA
  • Advanced DNA Instructor
  • Intuitive Anatomy
  • Intuitive Anatomy Instructor
  • Disease and Disorder
  • Disease and Disorder Instructor
  • Manifesting and Abundance
  • Manifesting and Abundance Instructor
  • Rainbow Children
  • Rainbow Children Instructor
  • World Relations
  • World Relations Instructor
  • DNA III Instructor
  • Game of Life
  • Game of Life Instructor
  • Family Ties
  • Family Ties Instructor
  • Planes of Existence
  • Planes of Existence Instructor
  • Dig Deeper
  • Dig Deeper Instructor
  • Rhythm to the Perfect Weith
  • Rhythm to the Perfect Weith Instructor
  • Wealth consciousness


All certificates are at Master’s level.
All tuition and teachings were received directly by Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing™, over the course of 6 years.
Ileana attended the very first world class of DNAIII with Vianna in January 2009.
Ileana uses ThetaHealing daily as an instrument of healing in her practice as homeopath and naturopath.

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