ThetaHealing® BASIC DNA

Basic DNA introduces THETAHEALING® techniques and teaches students to identify limiting beliefs and how to change them.

Happiness begins within us and within our thoughts. Through our thoughts we create our reality.

We are only aware of a very small part of our thoughts; that’s why what we manifest in our reality isn’t always what we want!

If we want to change our life, we should first identify those beliefs that prevent us from making our dreams come true, even when we don’t realize that these thoughts exist.

The topics discussed in this ThetaHealing® seminar include:

  • visualization
  • imagination
  • four levels of beliefs
  • how to identify core beliefs
  • feelings
  • manifesting your reality
  • intuitive readings
  • co-creating with Source
  • co-creating healing
  • virtual activation of the 12 DNA strands

and much more…

Prerequisites: none.
Duration: 3 consecutive days from 9.00 – 19.00.

Teacher: Ileana Rotella