Crea la tua realtà, raggiungi i tuoi obiettivi.

Il THETAHEALING™ è l’opportunità di prendere il controllo della propria vita, per renderla ciò che si vuole.
Questo è possibile identificando le convinzioni che impediscono di realizzare i nostri progetti e cambiare in positivo.

Non solo per chi soffre spiritualmente o fisicamente, da noi manager e sportivi ritrovano la forza interiore.


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Physical exercise Apps To your Mobile Device

If you have a mobile system, you can download an exercise app. These kinds of apps are designed to help you get fit and stay fit. The number of health-related apps has long been increasing in recent years, and in 2015, there were over sixteen hundred thousand available. A great number of apps can be […]

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Diferenças entre ICO e IPO para um investidor

ICO e IPO: Ambos os modelos são inerentemente semelhantes e populares entre os investidores. ICO – Initial Coin Offer e IPO – Initial Public Offer têm nomes semelhantes, o que não é surpreendente, visto que ambos os modelos são de natureza semelhante e são populares entre os investidores. A semelhança fundamental entre ICOs e IPOs […]

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Norton Safe Search – Free Equipment to Protect Your Computer From Malicious Websites

There are many methods to detect malicious websites which may damage your computer. One of these is Norton Secure Web. The service is certainly developed by Symantec Corporation to provide users with information based upon automated research and user feedback. You can actually use this feature to check out if the website is dangerous or […]

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